Derbyshire LPC 2021 AGM 21st September

Chairs report and welcome

Andrea welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for coming, adding at was lovely to finally be able to see people face to face.  Andrea also thanked all Contractors and their teams for working so incredibly hard over the past year and the challenges they have all faced.

Special thanks went to Garry Myers who resigned from the Committee earlier in 2021 after many years of hard work both for the LPC and the PSNC.  Andrea also gave special thanks to Stuart Kelly who passed away after a short illness earlier this year, Stuart had been an LPC member and our Treasurer for many years and will be sadly missed.

Chair Report 2020-21

Treasurer’s report

Darryl explained that it is the Treasurers responsibility to keep LPC finances in good order and manage the funds efficiently, he thanked members of the Audit Committee who help him with this role.

Darryl then shared the year end accounts for 2020-21 which had been prepared and signed off by an Accountant independent to the LPC.   All contractors present voted to accept the accounts, these will now be posted on the LPC website and shared with NHSE Area Team and PSNC.

Darryl was pleased to announce a four-month levy holiday which would be processed either in October, if time allowed, or November.  This has partly been made possible as no face to face meetings have been held over the past 18 months.



This special meeting of contractors is being called to amend the LPC Constitution to allow the Committee to delay the elections for LPC membership by one year. Currently Members Term of Office expire on 31st March 2022. However, proposals for change about the future model of local and national contractor representation and support, are likely to be put to a contractor vote within the next year. For this reason, the Committee considers that the elections should be delayed until later in the year when the new model of support has been determined by the sector. To achieve this, we propose to amend the Constitution of the Derbyshire LPC as follows:

Existing Clause – 13. Term of Office

‘Subject to paragraphs 14 and 16, members of the Committee shall hold office from 1 April in the year of the election or appointment for a period of 4 years.’

New Clause – 13. Term of Office

‘Subject to paragraphs 14 and 16, members of the Committee shall hold office from 1 April in the year of the election or appointment for a period of 4 years. [Except that the term of office starting on 1 April 2022 shall be postponed until 1 April 2023 and current LPC members shall hold office for a period of 5 years.’

All Contractors present voted to accept this proposal.

Jackie introduced Amanda Molloy who joined the meeting virtually to talk about the ‘Connected Pharmacy Programme.’ This is an exciting new programme available to all pharmacists (community, hospital, PCN, CCG, GP, IUC) to enable local networking and improve patient care, safety and service delivery.

Jackie updated the meeting on new  services, including the Hypertension Case finding service which goes live on 27th September, there are a few issues (Specification not yet released and a shortage of ABPM monitors) but hopefully these will be resolved soon.  Other services included; GPCPS, Extended Care and Discharge Medicine Services.

Andrea closed the meeting by thank everyone again for coming and said that Committee members would stay on for about 15 minutes if anybody had any further questions.