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 NHS pharmacy NHSmail accounts reach 20000

NHSmail pharmacy premises accounts have now been provided to over 5000 community pharmacies. Over 15,000 pharmacy professionals also have personal NHSmail accounts providing a secure email service for sharing patient identifiable and sensitive information.

The recent launch of the NHSmail Registration Portal offers community pharmacy the ability to create an NHSmail pharmacy shared mailbox (premises account), offering a standardised naming convention with linked individual user accounts.  Invitations to register via the NHSmail Registration Portal have been sent to all applicable pharmacies that registered their interest for an NHSmail account earlier this year.

As part of the verification process pharmacies are required to confirm their premises Organisation Data Service (ODS) code, premises NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) registered email address and their premises General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) number.  Staff members requiring individual NHSmail accounts will need to provide a personal contact email address and a mobile phone number, which is then used as a two part authentication to release the NHSmail username and password.

Some Company Chemists Association (CCA) and Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies (AIMP) members are managing the rollout of NHSmail through a central data collection, therefore these pharmacies should contact their head office.

If you are unable to locate your pharmacy within the automated portal please contact pharmacyadmin@nhs.net and they will support you through the process.

NHSmail for community pharmacy is supported by a dedicated support desk that can be accessed between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays through the email address above. Outside of these hours simple tasks like password resets can be performed by contacting the national helpdesk on 0333 200 1133 or helpdesk@nhs.net

Portal registration site:


 The approved NHSmail pharmacy shared mailbox standardised naming convention is: NHSPharmacy.location.pharmacynameODScode@nhs.net

Further information is also available on:

  • the Pharmacy Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) website at:


  • or the NHSmail webpages: