Pharmacist Training for provision of extended care services

Q. Is there any special training for pharmacists who are going to deliver the Tier 1 and Tier 2a services?

A.  Pharmacists working at participating pharmacies can provide this Enhanced Service if they have completed the mandatory training requirements.  Details can be found on the separate pages for each service.

The requirements are specific to each service, for example for the simple UTI service;

  • That they have worked through the CKS summaries on simple UTIs. Please access the summary; background information; diagnosis; management; prescribing information and evidence sections for each condition to ensure that you have up to date, relevant clinical knowledge
  • They must have satisfactorily completed the PHE Antimicrobial Stewardship for Community Pharmacy e-learning and e-assessment and are registered as an antibiotic guardian
  • They must ensure that they have the correct clinical knowledge to provide the service and are familiar with NICE guidance on treating simple UTIs.
  • The requirements of the SLA are understood and the PGD associated with the service is signed. The pharmacist should then print their DoC and add the heading “NHSE Community Pharmacy Extended Care Service Tier1”. It must then be signed and dated to complete the process. The pharmacist must confirm on the CPPE website that they have completed and signed the DoC. The accuracy of the DoC is the pharmacist’s professional responsibility.

Q. What about locums / relief pharmacists?

A. You need to ensure that any relief pharmacists or locums you use are service ready – all of the information on the service is available on the NHSE Midlands website.

Tier 1 & 2 services do not require the pharmacist to attend special training, simply to understand the service, ensure that their clinical knowledge is up to date and to be familiar with the PGDs.

Tier 3 services, for those selected to provide via the EOI process, were offered face to face training with an otoscope, and this had to be completed, or previous training accreditation provided to NHSE, prior to commencing the service.

As with all PGDs pharmacists must sign the pharmacy copy of the PGD in every pharmacy where they deliver this service.