Primary Care Networks (PCN) Hub

What are Primary Care Networks and why are they important for Community Pharmacy?

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are a key part of the NHS Long Term Plan . There are currently 15 PCNs in Derbyshire. The networks will provide the structure and funding for services to be developed locally, in response to the needs of the patients they serve.

It is important that community pharmacy teams are fully involved in the work of their PCN and this is being encouraged via the Pharmacy Quality Scheme.

The networks will have expanded neighbourhood teams which will comprise a range of staff such as GPs, clinical pharmacists, district nurses, community geriatricians, dementia workers and Allied Health Professionals such as physiotherapists and podiatrists/chiropodists, joined by social care and the voluntary sector’.

Further information can be found on the PSNC website if you want to know more.

This short video from NHS England explains the concept of PCNs and how the new way of working will provide better access to health care for patients.

Primary Care Networks in Derbyshire

Derbyshire currently has 8 PLACE’s and 15 PCNs. Collaboration with non-GP providers, such as community pharmacies, has been a requirement for PCNs from April 2020. It is clear that community pharmacy has a huge role to play in the success of PCNs.

What it means is that some of the activities we do will need to change, and each pharmacy will need to work with their own local PCN to meet the local needs. As we know health needs vary greatly across the County, so even though you are close geographically you may be doing different things to your colleagues.

We need to build our links between community pharmacies in our PCN footprint and all the other primary care providers – particularly the local GP practices and we will support you to do this.  We are funding Community Pharmacy Clinical Leads for each PCN and their contact details are listed below

We have carried out an exercise to map each pharmacy to a PCN based primarily on your geographical location.

Chris Kerry, Implementation Manager (07954 483364) is working with the PCNs to develop Pharmacy First / GP-CPCS

  • ARCH and Belper
  • Buxton and High Peak
  • Chesterfield and Dronfield
  • North East Derbyshire
  • North Hardwick and Bolsover
  • South Hardwick
  • Derby City North
  • Derby City South
  • Erewash
  • Greater Derby
  • Oakdale Park
  • PCCO
  • Swadlincote

Below is information collated by Community Pharmacy Derbyshire  to support GP Practices with referrals to CPCS, as well as which Community Pharmacists are taking part in hypertension case finding, and those who are end of life drug stockists.

Copy of Community Pharmacy registration to CPCS Extended Care and other services at PCN level 280122 (002)

Chesterfield and Dronfield PCN.   Population 132493

Community Pharmacy Lead

William Stanyard

Tesco Pharmacy, Chesterfield 

Clinical Lead

Dr P J Flann

Chesterfield PCN Pharmacies

Chesterfield PCN GP practices

North East Derbyshire PCN.  Population 39542

Community Pharmacy Lead

Garry Myers

01246 810360

Clinical Lead

Dr Tom Martin

North East Derbyshire PCN Community Pharmacists

North East Derbyshire PCN GP practices

North Hardwick Bolsover PCN.  Population 49274

Community Pharmacy Lead

Waqar Hussein

01623 743078

Clinical Lead

Drs Vasudevan and Sririvasan

North Hardwick Bolsover Community Pharmacists

North Hardwick Bolsover GP Practices


South Hardwick PCN Population 64048

Community Pharmacy Lead

Ian McKenzie

01773 862363

Clinical Lead

Dr S Chawla

South Hardwick PCN Community Pharmacies

South Hardwick PCN GP Practices

Derbyshire Dales PCN  Population 80636

Community Pharmacy Lead

Simon Lam.  Tideswell Pharmacy  


Clinical Leads

Drs. Milton and Hetherington

Derbyshire Dales PCN Community Pharmacies

Derbyshire Dales PCN GP Practices

Derbyshire Dales PCN Website


ARCH (Amber Valley) PCN Population 83257

Community Pharmacy Lead

Kevin Kiang

01773 712022

Clinical Leads

Drs. Mott, Hall & Reid

ARCH PCN ommunity Pharmacies

ARCH PCN GP Practices

Belper PCN Population 46921

Community Pharmacy Lead

Hitesh Madlani, Morrisons Pharmacy Belper.


Clinical Leads

Drs Kinsella and Maronge

Belper PCN Community Pharmacies

Belper PCN GP Practices

Erewash (& West Hallam) PCN  Population 102,395

Community Pharmacy Lead

Rob McDonald

01332 875341

Clinical Leads

Drs Gooch and Shank

Erewash PCN Community Pharmacies

Erewash PCN GP Practices

Buxton and High Peak PCN  Population 60400

Community Pharmacy Lead

Catriona Edwards

01298 23411

Clinical Lead

Dr Christopher Harvey

Buxton & High Peak PCN Community Pharmacies

Buxton & High Peak PCN GP Practices

Swadlincote PCN  Population 55707

Community Pharmacy Lead

Ben Eaton

01283 552730

Clinical Lead

Dr Andrew Marshall

Swadlincote PCN Community Pharmacies

Swadlincote PCN GP Practices

Derby City North PCN Population 71323

Community Pharmacy Lead

Khurum Hussain, Boots, Intu Derby

Clinical Lead

Dr Richard Crowson

Derby City North PCN Community Pharmacies

Derby City North PCN GP Practices

Derby City South PCN  Population 94,880

Community Pharmacy Lead

Lindsey Fairbrother

01283 813944

Clinical Leads

Drs Ruperalia & Peiris

Derby City South PCN Community Pharmacies

Derby City South PCN GP Practices

Greater Derby PCN  Population 91786

Community Pharmacy Lead

Matt Hind

01332 514262

Clinical Leads

Drs. Davidson and Rajeev

Greater Derby PCN Community Pharmacies

Greater Derby PCN GP Practices

Oakdale Park PCN  population 40956

Community Pharmacy Lead

Andrea Smith

01332 872113

Clinical Leads

Drs. Hill & Gregory


Oakdale Park PCN Community Pharmacies

Oakdale Park PCN GP Practices

PCCO PCN population 39693

Community Pharmacy Lead

Aftab Rehman

01332 767763

Clinical Lead

Dr Mahya Johnson

PCCO PCN Community Pharmacies

PCCO PCN GP practices