Pharmacy First Service support materials for Community Pharmacy & General Practice

NHSE Midlands presentation for GP practice staff:

Support pack for GP practice receptionists and care navigators January 2024 PF for General Practices Jan 24

CPE Pharmacy First materials aimed at GP

New Pharmacy First materials aimed at GPs – Community Pharmacy England (

Pharmacy First clinical pathways resources – Community Pharmacy England (

Community Pharmacy Derbyshire Information Evening slides: 

LPC f2f Pharmacy 1st events jan2024 summary slides for website

LPC Q&A’s from Drop in sessions and Information Evenings:

Community Pharmacy Derbyshire Pharmacy First Q&A’s 080224

Pharmacy First sign up for Derby & Derbyshire: 

JUCD Pharmacy First Sign up 310124

PGD’s and Protocol:

PRN01010_Pharmacy-First-Service-Master-Patient-Group-Direction-PGD-and-Protocol-Authorisation-Sheet_January-20.docx (

Video’s talking through the 7 clinical pathways Pharmacy First clinical pathways resources – Community Pharmacy England (

Document to support GP practices in setting up their secure email address:

PEM Setting your secure email address

Document to support referrals from 111 setting: 

NHS111 PharmFirst Actions Poster v1

Video showing referral via PharmRefer:

Guidance developed by LLR for GP practices struggling with MFA for PharmRefer: 

LLR GP PharmRefer Guidance v4

EMIS Patient Access Video:

EMIS training video:

Syst1 training video:

Pharmacy First PharmOutcomes training video: 

PharmOutcomes has released a useful training video for the Pharmacy First service which is available on their media site. The video is less than 15 minutes and is a recommended watch for those pharmacies who will be using PharmOutcomes for the service: Pinnacle Media (

NHSX guidance for VC:

NHSX Pharmacy Video Consultation Guidance v0.24

7 clinical conditions inclusion/exclusion summary document

Promotional resources
CPE shared folder contains a variety of posters, social media content, videos and digital screen graphics, and small flyers for prescription bags. Meanwhile, following the launch of NHS England’s ‘Think Pharmacy first’ campaign,  their campaign materials are also now available for pharmacy teams to use.

Patient information sources
CPE has also published a resource containing all the patient-facing leaflets/website links listed in the PGDs and treatment protocol.