URGENT: Decommissioning of Midlands Extended Care Services

A decision has been made by the collective of East Midlands ICB’s to decommission the Midlands Extended Care Services from the 1st April 2024.

Four of the six conditions now form part of the NHS Pharmacy First Service, however Acute Bacterial Conjunctivitis and Infected Eczema do not, and therefore you will no longer be able to provide these services to patients under PGD.

Community Pharmacy Derbyshire, along with the other LPC’s in the East Midlands, has raised it’s concerns with commissioners regarding this decision and the lack of consultation with the profession. It has therefore been agreed to undertake a review of the remaining two services over the coming months.

A letter has been sent to all contractors signed up to provide the services advising of the decommissioning and planned next steps. A copy is available here Letter to Pharmacies Extended Care Services