Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS)

Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2023/24

Community Pharmacy Derbyshire will be working on reminders and information to help contractors achieve the domain criteria by the specified deadlines.  This will include webinars, short recordings and templates including top tips.For the start of the PQS here are the top tips to get started – PQS 2023-24 Top tips

Top Tip Reason Complete      Y/N
Begin with the end in mind Planning for the MYS submission first will allow you to plan the workload in a methodical way  
Grab yourself an A4 folder with dividers to prepare your evidence file. right from the start Keeping organised and having a plan will allow you to track and document the progress of all of each element. The administration and organisation will help you to be ready for declaration day.  
Prepare a training record for all your team including the dates of training to record each element (example below) This allows you to see when the recommended training was completed and if it is still to be completed. Spread the training over the 5 moths  
Prepare a holiday planner This will allow you to see which team members will be in on declaration day and which will not  
Brief your pharmacy team about the plans for the PQS plans for this year and involve them in supporting the requests PQS is a team scheme and team members can be a valuable resource to carry out some of the required actions  
Plan the 4 weeks you will undertake the Antimicrobial Resistance conversations with patients early Planning this into a time that suits you will help spread the workload rather than this being a last-minute dash to the line.  
Make sure that the equipment for measuring height, weight and waist circumference is available and in working order This will allow you to start the Healthy Living Support domain early  
Link elements together where possible Completing a BP check on a patient in the pharmacy will give you a good reason to speak to them about a healthy lifestyle and weight management  
Identify specific groups of patients and a method of flagging them on the tokens This will give you advance notice of the number and type of patient conversations that need to be completed and enable all qualifying patients to be seen by a healthcare professional  
Keep weekly records and tally charts of the conversations that have been completed This will ease the data compilation in readiness for declaration day