Pharmacy First service specification, clinical pathways and PGD’s

NHS England » Community Pharmacy advanced service specification: NHS Pharmacy First Service

NHS England has published drafts of the 23 Patient Group Directions (PGDs) and one protocol for the Pharmacy First service, which is due to commence at the end of January 2024.

This follows the announcement, earlier this week, of the publication of the service specification and the seven clinical pathways for the service.

Download the draft PGDs and draft protocol

The 23 PGDs and one protocol will be used by pharmacists to authorise supply of medicines at NHS expense, where clinically appropriate, following a consultation for one of the seven conditions for the Pharmacy First service.

The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE)’s Pharmacy First webpage has also gone live, which includes a link to their self-assessment framework, which was developed in partnership with NHS England. This framework will support users to reflect on their knowledge, skills and behaviours to provide the Pharmacy First service, as well as to help identify any gaps and make an action plan to develop themselves, as needed, ahead of providing the service.

All of these documents will be essential reading for pharmacy owners and pharmacists who will be providing the service.