Green Pharmacy of the Month, February

The winner of this month’s Green Pharmacy of the Month is @pharmacyjaysons in Long Eaton.

Nitin Lakhani, Superintendent Pharmacist at the pharmacy, said they had been implementing a number of initiatives over the years to limit their carbon footprint and the resources they use:

“For a long time we have been reducing paper use by only printing when necessary, reusing the paper we do print by writing on both sides and then recycling it along with our cardboard. We avoid plastic bags where possible and also excess packaging – no bags in bags!

“Where we can, we have changed lighting to LED bulbs and we use overnight storage heaters. We’ve turned the thermostat down a couple of degrees and we also only heat enough water for the number of drinks we need at the time.”

Small changes can make a big difference – not only to the amount of carbon you consume, but to energy bills.

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