Lindsey Fairbrother is our new Regional PSNC Rep 😃

I am Lindsey Fairbrother, your new Regional Rep for S Yorkshire and the E Midlands. As such I will represent the region at PSNC meetings and also support LPCs and Contractors with significant matters such as the RSG and CPCF.

A bit of background on myself and why I can understand and do my best to represent  you;

I own and run Good Life Pharmacy in a large village in South Derbyshire. As well as this I run a covid vaccination clinic in the church hall and provide some private services in my capacity as an independent prescriber. So, I know all about the pressures at the moment, the pressures of running your own business and those from PQS, new services, covid and flu. I am a coal face pharmacist and involved in Derbyshire LPC as an independent contractor member and also PCN lead. Some of you may also know that I work for Shropshire LPC, a role I have had for more than 10 years, and so am aware of most issues facing LPCs in the future, including the likely merger/affiliation of smaller LPCs (Shropshire has less than 90 contractors).

I am not promising that I have loads of time for meetings but I will do my best to provide a channel for your concerns to be raised at PSNC and also for me to feedback to you. The first PSNC meeting I will attend is at the beginning of February. If you have any suggestions as to how we can best work together for the Region please shout up. I am in pharmacy/vacc centre Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday, paperwork Wednesday and LPC land Tuesday so please bear with me if I don’t reply immediately. I try my hardest to have Sunday off!!