Quality payments scheme – NPA resources
Part of claiming quality payments requires the production of an annual written patient safety report.  The NPA Pharmacy Services team has produced resources as described below to help NPA members  meet this patient safety report quality criterion.

The resources comprise:

  • Blank template annual report – a template annual report form for contractors to complete electronically, or print off and complete by hand
  • Blank template monthly report – an optional monthly version of the annual report form; contractors do not need to complete this to meet the criterion, but completing the monthly form will make it quicker and easier to produce the annual report
  • General guidance – a resource providing general guidance on the written safety report, including what should be included in the report, how to collate and analyse the evidence for the report, what to do with the report, and the importance of having a ‘just’ culture in the pharmacy
  • Guidance on completing the template annual report with examples – a useful resource which takes contractors through each section of the annual report form, providing guidance and examples of how to complete it

To meet the patient safety annual report criterion, on either the April or November review date, a written patient safety report must be available for inspection at your pharmacy. This criterion is worth a minimum of £1,280 and can only be claimed once. The written report has to demonstrate evidence of:

  • Analysis, learning and action taken in response to near misses and patient safety incidents
  • Implementing national patient safety alerts
  • Sharing learning

Medication Safety Officer

As Medication Safety Officer (MSO) for all community pharmacies in England with fewer than 50 branches, I would also like to remind your contractors of the patient safety resources available to them from the NPA. These include the NPA Incident Report form, guidance documents, drug and device alerts and my MSO quarterly reports which are available on the Patient Safety (MSO) page of the NPA website.
The online NPA Incident Report Form can be used by any pharmacy contractor in England with fewer than 50 branches and not just NPA members to report dispensing errors – reports can be printed off, or emailed to contractors to keep as a pharmacy record.  Pharmacies using the NPA Patient Safety Incident report form should keep copies of forms submitted as these will contain evidence of the analysis, learning and action taken, which can be used in the annual patient safety report.

The NPA MSO Quarterly reports provide a summary of errors reported to the NPA, and include top tips to prevent such errors occurring in the future.  These will be useful for contractors when compiling their annual patient safety report. The online Incident Report Form and the MSO quarterly reports are open-access, so contractors do not need to be NPA members to use them.