Pharmacists required to take part in a study looking at the overlap between physical and mental health and the role pharmacists can play

We are recruiting community pharmacists to this research study. Are you able to help support dissemination of information to your colleagues/members ?


This research study is exploring the overlap between physical health and mental health.

We want to find out what views, experiences and perspectives are for care provided for physical health problems (such as heart disease or diabetes and related) in those who have been given a diagnosis of a severe mental illness (schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder and non-organic psychosis).

In particular we want to find out what role pharmacy might play in this.  We are recruiting pharmacists (in particular community pharmacists) and pharmacy technicians.  This is a joint project between Aston University and LPT NHS Trust

Where is the opportunity taking place

The research involves one semi-structured interview which will take place over the phone or in person in Leicester (if possible depending on location). The duration of this is 45  minutes approximately.

Payment amount

Pharmacists will be offered a £10 gift voucher if they take part in their own time (not within work time)

The deadline to express an interest or apply

The study is currently open to recruitment and will remain open until February 2020. However, we will close the study early once we have recruited a sufficient number of individuals which, based on current recruitment, will be very soon (a few months).


Please contact Dolly at the following email address

Please see our study webpage